Who Doesn’t Love Coche?

2005 Meursault Blanc

At 4.25 ha, Meursault Blanc is the second largest vineyard site of Domaine Coche-Dury behind 12 ha of Meursault Cote de Beaune Rouge. Their third largest vineyard holding is 1 ha of Bourgogne Blanc.

-All Coche wines are raised in barrel and aged for 15 to 22 months, depending on the vintage and wine.

-All wines are bottles unfiltered.

“At the beginning of the growing season, the vines start on a pretty even playing field with their neighbors, at least in terms of appearance. But the further Spring and Summer advance, the more striking the difference becomes. The Coche-Dury vineyards are tended like gardens, every vine immaculate, no pushing weeds, even the stony topsoil raked to perfection. The vines are vibrant, bursting with life and energy from their roots, buried deep in the soil. The Coches are the first out in the vines every day in Burgundy, and among the last home…These long hours pay off at the end of the year, because the reward is some of the most beautiful grapes in Burgundy, and that is the secret to their stunning success.”
-Dixon Brooke, KLWM





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