2010 DRC Corton

“The appellation of Corton is one of the greatest in Burgundy, even if its reputation is not quite the same as it was in the 19th century.” – Aubert de Villaine

How much longer do you think the appellation of Corton will be under-appreciated? My guess is not long given the star power of de Villaine and DRC. In 2008 a long-term lease agreement was reached with Domaine Prince Florent de Merode under which DRC was given control of 2.27 hectares of vineyard land on the hill of Corton. Due to various constraints such as total vineyard size, vine age within those vineyards, an exacting standard of quality and the commercial impossibility of bottling ‘single climat’ wines from Corton, the decision was made to make a blend. The blend of Clos du Roi, Bressandes and Renard (arguably the 3 best red Grand Crus on Corton) serves, as de Villaine explains, “to make one Corton [with] each parcel bringing its own qualities.” The result is a wine that is earthy and deeply concentrated. De Villaine says of the Corton, “we like the tannic concentration which makes it a very different wine from the more aerial and feminine Vosne-Romanée wines.”

Corton rouge will be a worthy edition to the DRC collection. Related to but dissimilar from the stable of unspeakably beautiful Vosne wines, the tie that holds the family together is the magic produced by de Villaine and Henry-Frederic Roch. As respectful stewards of their hallowed terroir these two venerable Burgundians have striven for and achieved unmatched ‘harmony’ at Domaine Romanee-Conti through tireless application of Biodynamic principles. Harmony between man and nature, land and wine.





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