Coravin Revisited

In the months since my original July 31st post, renaissance man Greg Lambrecht has been busy testing and showing off his impressive Coravin Wine Access System. In her recent Financial Times article, respected MW and wine writer Jancis Robinson describes her meeting with Lambrecht and the blind trial of his Coravin. Long story short, it works to the full satisfaction of one of the world’s preeminent palates.

The trial consisted of two bottles each from two different producers/regions, one of which had been “accessed” by Lambrecht in 2010 and the other that was freshly opened for the occasion. According to Jancis, the wines from 2010 were indistinguishable from their freshly opened counterparts. At the risk of overstating things, this is a HUGE win for the Coravin and a HUGE moment in the world of fine wine that will shift drinking habits, shorten the learning curve for fine wine education and change how old & rare wines are authenticated, sold and collected.

Jancis’s final paragraph is telling of the immediate social impact of the Coravin:

But as Lambrecht explained that when he entertains, he takes guests to his cellar and [suggests] “they choose which bottles they want to taste”, my heart slightly sank. I see wine drinking as a truly social activity, with an essential part of its enjoyment the sharing of a whole bottle with friends, seeing how it and they change as glasses and bottles are drained.

I must say, I couldn’t agree more with Jancis. The socially spirited occasions that great wine affords are the result of a shared experience.






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