Microscopic Wine

Dr. Gary Greenberg is living his retirement years with the mission “to show people how extraordinary ordinary things are.” When exploring his passion for all things diminutive he uses his 3-D microscope, a camera and a lighting technique called polarization to capture the beauty he finds. His most recent endeavor is focused on the “cruddy stuff” left-over when a glass of wine sits out to evaporate; not sediment but dry extract, which Greenberg calls “wine crystals.” He has found that different grape varietals posses different shapes of “wine crystal” and while they are beautiful to behold, he has yet to capture or advance anything of professional or academic import. So far he has examined Merlot (photo left), Zinfandel (photo right) and Gamay. He admits that he does not know what the different shaped crystals tell us, if anything, but is excited to continue his investigation and hopes to be able to confer with a wine chemist on a more in-depth analysis of his photographs.






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