CAV – France’s Militant Wine Group

“The headquarters of the local Aude socialist party in Carcassonne was the site of a bomb explosion around midnight on Tuesday, July 16.” The existence and reemergence of Comite d’Action Viticole (aka CAV, tagged on the wall of the bomb site) is a dramatic reminder of an important event in the history of French wine, the Winegrower’s Revolt of 1907. While details of that historically significant uprising will follow in a future post, here, the existence of the CAV and their hardline agenda is the important thing to note. On the spectrum of French defenders of terroir, the Comite d’Action Viticole inhabits the most distant extreme.

Just as intriguing as the existence of the French Inter-regional Wine Investigation Brigade (original post on 4/2/13), so too is the existence and of CAV. Other than the unique niche within the French wine world that each organization inhabits, they share an additional similarity in that each works, in their own way, to champion and protect the quintessentially French ideal of terroir. The Wine Investigation Brigade operates from a traditional hierarchical power structure and within the guidelines of the law, while the CAV operates anonymously, in shadowy corners, through acts of sabotage. The devious actions of CAV combined with the added diabolical flair of public addresses issued by balaclava clad men lends a particularly nefarious air to the group. Whether they desire it or not they have the look of post-9/11 terrorists.

For basic coverage of CAV exploits check the links below.


Most recent

From 2007




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