Following on my previous Sine Qua Non post, which in passing references Califonia’s most expensive 750ml bottle ever produced, it follows that the other “cult producers” of California’s top wines deserve mention. While the 1992 Black and Blue, a unique Syrah/Cabernet blend, is the most rare and sought after single bottle of California wine ever made, Sine Qua Non only barely makes the list by coming in at #10. Krankl and SQN so often defy tradition and buck logical trends that it is not surprising they almost constantly find themselves outside of defined conventional parameters, as nearly happened with the list below.

     This particular ranking system was created by wine-searcher.com on the basis that eligible wineries have produced at least five consecutive vintages and have a minimum of 20 retail/auction offers active on the website.

1) Screaming Eagle
2) Schrader Cellars
3) Harlan Estate
4) Bryant Family Vineyard
5) Abreu Vineyard
6) Dalla Valle Vineyards
7) Scarecrow
8) Sloan Estate
9) Colgin Cellars
10) Sine Qua Non

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