Priced to Sell?

Pricing on high end blue chip wines is more important than ever. Between general backlash from too many years of “greedy” pricing (especially due to losses incurred on the 2010s), Latour leaving the en primeur machine behind and the new government austerity measures being enacted by Chinese President Xi Jinping, high-end Bordeaux is facing changing times and an identity crisis of their own making. Gone are the halcyon days of setting prices that best suit the Chateau. With skittish speculators and austerity bound Chinese being pushed toward lower price points in order to adjust to their new realities, a few reality-based Chateau owners (a rare breed) are calling for “reasonable pricing and a brisk sales campaign to show that Bordeaux still knows how to offer good value to its traditional markets.” When the second wines of 1st growth Chateaux are looking more appealing than their counterpart Grand Vin, something needs adjusting.

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