From Beaujolais

About 3 years ago I had a revelation almost exactly like the one spoken about in the attached article, it was sparked by a 1/2 bottle of 2005 Marcel Lapierre Morgon. As with any most memorable bottle, recollection of the Lapierre calls up not only the character of the wine but also everything that was swirling around my own little microcosm that afternoon, while the wine lasted. It was a perfect crisp, clear, sunny fall day, I had just gone for a ride through the country and I was out on my parents back deck with my girlfriend. Leaves were gold, red and brown but had yet to begin to fall in earnest.
The wine was vibrant, balanced and in harmony, not only with itself, but with the day, the weather and my mood. It so seamlessly blended with the moment that my personal world of wine became more complete that day.
Beaujolais has gotten a bad wrap from the marketing bonanza sparked by the ubiquitous Beajolais nouveau. “What began as a quaint local custom of celebrating the harvest each fall by making a fruity young wine with some of the new grapes became a worldwide marketing phenomenon that changed the way many in the region grew their grapes and made their wines.” But as I can attest there is so much more to the Gamay grape and the Beaujolais region, read the article below and if you haven’t already, give Beaujolais another chance.




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