The Classification of 1855 Was Just a Guide

The London-based global fine wine market index LivEx has released its third “update” on the orginal 1855 classification of Bordeaux. The new method of constant reevaluation aims to reflect shifts in the wider market and support Chateau classification that is more in tune with the financial realities of the end user. It is logical and it is overdue. The original “update” was 4 years ago and was followed by another adjustment in 2011, both of which focused only on Left-Bank Chateaux. We now have the third and thankfully most complete incarnation, finally acknowledging the Right-Bank.

The most salient points in the articles below are that Latour has usurped the #1 spot from Lafite due to average price per case, La Mission Haut-Brion now ranks as the 6th 1st Growth and all Right-Bank wines are now classified. The “Right-Bank 50” are now classified 1st Growths and the “Right-Bank 100” are now classified 2nd Growths.

Read below to fully illuminate all of the changes in detail:



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