1985 Pousse d’Or Clos de la Bousse d’Or 1er (Monopole)

1985 was a great year for Gerard Potel and red Burgundy in general. Widely considered to be front runner for vintage of the decade, ’85 was also the year that Gerard bought out the remaining shares at Domaine de la Pousse D’Or and made this stunning wine, aiding in his ascent to the top of the Burgundy wine making pyramid.

Distinctly brick in appearance with a narrow, watery, russet-tinged rim.  Explosive nose of springtime Adirondack cabin – a ridiculously rich nose of forest, cold hearth, sweet wet earth, heavily perfumed antique Burgundy, a very heady nose that lingers to a light spearmint & smoke note.  The palate begins with a fruit compote attack, then a touch of smoke, fresh tomato leaf and a suggestion of iron on the finish.  Medium-bodied, the quality is refined and elegant with a feminine profile, all complex developed aromas and flavors.  Tannins are completely resolved & indeed there is a fair amount of sediment in the remaining inch of the bottle.  This is a wine where we seek balance, integrity and length, which this clearly possesses in spades.  It suffices to state that yes, it is indeed delicious.

*In all honesty we struggled slightly to find the right words for the above assessment. As with each great bottle of red Burgundy we drink and opine on, the beauty in this wine was how it all came together, like great art. It feels difficult (sometimes inappropriate) to isolate specific aromatics or specific flavors. Truly great red Burgundy is more of an experience in perfect texture, balance, sound structure and generosity of fruit. Is it worth pulling apart what is a harmonious whole?


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