1976 Dr. Weil Kiedricher Wasseros Auslese

This Rheingau riesling is one of the most hedonistic wines, red or white, that I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. The top of the cork was very dirty and soft to the touch but other than that portion looked and smelled healthy. The wine itself showed less age than the cork, in fact the viscous juice presented itself in a rather energetic way with a vibrant pale copper-tinged gold and lively nose. My most immediate impression of the aromatics was the obvious presence of petrol and copious amounts of ripe fruit. More specifically the nose was rather exotic showing pineapple, pear, apricot and honey mixed with subtle notes of white flowers, namely honeysuckle. While the wine charged boldly out of the bottle ready to enjoy, the air did allow for some of the more subtle complexities to develop and show themselves. Underneath the fruit were notes of caramel, brown sugar, honey comb and beeswax, which all compounded the bountiful richness and complexity of the wine.

So far so good. The only thing that could have tripped this wine up would have been a clumsy, cloying, persistent sweetness on the palate, but considering the aromatic mastery and the quality of the fruit that is required for such a focused and clearly delineated melange of scents, this was all but an impossibility. As assumed, the palate lived up to the promises that the nose made and mirrored its perfume in taste. The sweetness was delicious and complimentary to the exotic and confectionery lean of the aromatics and the acid did its delightful job melting it all away, refreshing the palate, and making the mouth water for more. Perhaps as amazing as the beauty of the wine was the freshness that it displayed. If I were in the habit of rating wines for my personal hierarchy of drinking glory this would be awarded the highest possible score. This bottle was on point and truly heavenly.


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