1983 Remoissenet Grands Echezeaux

We start this one off only knowing that it is a Burgundy.  It is medium mahogany with a russet, sunset rim.  There is a real funk on the nose out of the gate that completely blows off in ten minutes.  Vintage first.  Clearly an older specimen…. Andrew guesses ’78-’83.  Deb reasons that with the concentration it has & the polish, it has to be from a good 80s vintage –’85?  Turns out to be an ’83, what?? an ’83???  Certainly a bit of a surprise for a vintage that definitely had its problems.  The nose is of cinnamon, cold hearth, that sweet old Burgundy fruit nose we love, an antiquey whiff.  Flavors of sweet stewed fruits and Christmas spice on the stove with a dash of smoke.  This is really lovely – very polished!  It clearly had a fair amount of stuffing in its day. Tannins are a touch grainy but fruit and acidity are nicely balanced.  Wait – we are really not being enthusiastic enough – we loved this bottle!  It was really beautiful & was so delightfully fresh that we drank it in about 15 minutes……crazy.


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