1997 Chauvenet-Chopin Vougeot AOC

It is interesting to understand that the production levels and availability of this simple village wine makes it more rare than either a 1er or Grand Cru from Vougeot. That being said, as it is still a village wine, it impressed me very much in what it had to offer. Drinking pleasure.

The wine showed good clarity with an aged rusty-red colors presented in various rings. The initial aromas were simple and of barnyard and earth. With time the wine began to offer a bit more complexity with a lovely perfumed presentation of licorice, dried flowers, and mint, all wrapped up in sweet raspberry. The palate is simple and delicious. Raspberry pervades and is carried by lively, tongue prickling acid. The wine is harmonious, balanced, and easy drinking. Almost reminiscent of a raspberry mint tea. It is a wine for a lazy afternoon in a rocking chair on a porch. Mmmm.


2006 Dagueneau Pouilly-Fume Silex

This wine exhibits a beautiful, delicate, pale color with star-bright clarity. The nose is elegant and powerful showing immense stuffing and pedigree. The initial aromas are sharp and angular, driven by stoney minerality and a zesty quality. There is soil here. On the palate there is racy acidity and concentrated power, the wine is increadibly clean. Think liquid terroir. But for now, this wine is screaming for time, either in decanter or years in bottle, to allow for the unfolding and expansion of its prodigeous character.

Some time breathing relaxes the profile, a bit, and the wine unfolds, slightly. With air the minerality on the nose integrates into the whole with a beautiful flintiness and the zesty acidic nature softens into a bouquet of complimentary aromas of lemon curd, melon, and a subtle perfume of mint. The palate follows suit but is softened to a lesser degree than the nose. A creaminess is offered to compliment and balance the lemon zest/lime peel and notes of honeydew and appricot add complexity. There is depth and richness here. The finish is long and focused. This is a beautiful, balanced, harmonious wine that will only grow more so with time.

2009 Dumien Serrette Cornas “Patou”

Yes, of course we know it was infanticide, but we did it anyway.  Absolutely opaque, solid purple with blue tinges at the rim.  Subdued aromas of pure ripe blackberry with floral, violety notes, a touch of briar, a hint of light grapefruit.  The color is the loudest thing about this wine.  Flavors are dense & concentrated, a strong vein of acidity runs through from beginning to end and is persistent through the finish.  While deeply colored and carefully structured, tannins are medium+ and textured without being chewy or gritty at all.  Grip.  Flavors of ripe macerated berry, minerality, dark chocolate and deep plum.  A handsome beast, this one.  It begs to be cellared but is no monster, rather powerful subtlety at 13%. Is that an oxymoron? Maybe not with Cornas.

1983 Remoissenet Grands Echezeaux

We start this one off only knowing that it is a Burgundy.  It is medium mahogany with a russet, sunset rim.  There is a real funk on the nose out of the gate that completely blows off in ten minutes.  Vintage first.  Clearly an older specimen…. Andrew guesses ’78-’83.  Deb reasons that with the concentration it has & the polish, it has to be from a good 80s vintage –’85?  Turns out to be an ’83, what?? an ’83???  Certainly a bit of a surprise for a vintage that definitely had its problems.  The nose is of cinnamon, cold hearth, that sweet old Burgundy fruit nose we love, an antiquey whiff.  Flavors of sweet stewed fruits and Christmas spice on the stove with a dash of smoke.  This is really lovely – very polished!  It clearly had a fair amount of stuffing in its day. Tannins are a touch grainy but fruit and acidity are nicely balanced.  Wait – we are really not being enthusiastic enough – we loved this bottle!  It was really beautiful & was so delightfully fresh that we drank it in about 15 minutes……crazy.