2005 Domaine G. Roumier Borgogne

The nose is beautiful and promising with lots of layered aromas, including a pleasant touch of anise way underneath. It’s a tiny bit foresty, but expansive and fruity, there’s an ever so light hint of asphalt. Ripe red fruits suggest a bright wine. Out of the gate, it is a little bit harsh on the palate. There I said it. Medium tannins that are a bit rough at first. I don’t care. It’s the first sip! The poor thing had just traveled across the water and had been thrown around in our warehouse. “Just let the poor thing settle down a few minutes.” And sure enough, 5 minutes later, it settles right down and gets broader, softening and filling out.

It continues to flesh out over the next half hour. The anise fades with time and it just became this floral, aromatic bouquet of loveliness. It is delicious, completely delivering on its earlier promise. Good length, plenty of fruit. Isn’t that what it should be about anyway? Will it evolve? Yes, of course it will, but I don’t even care if it does. Well-structured, with crisp acidity keeping the generous fruit in check, this wine is Mr. Right Now. Very good quality for a village-level Burgundy and this is a regional AOC! Sure it’ll evolve for several more years, but there are so many 2005s we are going to have to wait for and so many 2006s & 2007s that are uneven, why shouldn’t we just enjoy the generosity and ease of a youthful ambassador of this vintage? I don’t always want to work so hard. And besides, it’s Roumier…a rare treat.


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